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We can all agree to the fact that we are getting more and more relied on the Artificial Intelligence and tech support with each passing day. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say that machines have taken over our bodies and souls. The jobs that used to require actual MAN power no longer require human beings. Instead of people being smart we now have Smart Phones, Smart TV’s, Smart Cars etc. And why not? The level of advancement that has been reached in the field of science is impeccable! It would’ve been impossible for us to enjoy an option of such opulence, if it wasn’t for the sheer dedication and hard work of a long line of scientists.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the discipline of thinking machines. You might be using it today without even realizing. AI powers the smartphone or laptop on which you might be reading this article right now. It tunes your social media and optimizes the e-commerce websites that you visit. Today, the AI basically does most of the heavy lifting in flying a plane or driving a car. Artificial Intelligence software is assisting people in almost every discipline.

The most important thing to know about AI is that its NOT a threat- not to humanity, not to your jobs or to the economy. There are definitely a fair share of concerns about how AI can disrupt the labor market in the long run, but doesn’t everything has it cons? There might be machines running all over the planet but nothing compares to the touch of a human brain, don’t you think?

A thing as revolutionary as AI would definitely feel a bit terrifying- all for a greater good. Who doesn’t need a picture-perfect plush life? AI holds the power to accommodate our needs, walk us through our congenial accord and cater us with the life of our dreams. So why not embrace this groovy gift we have been bequeathed and let the magic of wonderous AI into our lives?