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FUTURISTIC TECHNOLOGIES- a peek into the coming days

Science and Tech have become an integral part of our lives. We have come a long way from roasting plain raw meat on direct fire to cooking them properly in ovens. Technology played a quintessential role in human civilization. It was a gradual process, not like one day the cavemen woke up and decided to wear actual clothes instead of leaves. The human brain developed piece by piece and our knowledge expanded. Discoveries were made and inventions took place on the beds of creativity and innovation. And through millions and millions of years of evolution, the human beings came to be known as a social animal.

Now, the present ball game as it may seem to one is that: Technology has taken over our lives to the lengths that it even follows us to the bathroom! I won’t call it good or bad, the bottom line is our lives won’t be worth calling a “life” if it’s void from technology. Every person walking this planet right now is clinged to their cellular or smart phones throughout the day. And it’s not that just teenagers or youngsters are tech addicts, it’s people from each and every generation. From your Grandpa to your little niece- everybody has their own wants in technological aspects. Grandpa may want to stream a devotional bhajan or do a little surprise shopping for Grandma. The kid might wanna watch some Sesame Street or hum a little Wheels on the Bus. The point is- we are all tech addicts whether we accept it or not.

Especially since the whole entire world is under the attack of a severe pandemic, all of our activities including the day-to-day ones have gone online. From ordering staples to virtual lectures- everything is happening online. We need technology- gadgets and software now, more than ever! Having a mobile phone or smartphone is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. People may be locked inside their homes physically but their minds are travelling all across the world in just a few fractions with the help of astral projections and video calling/conferencing applications.

Today everyone wants to feel comfortable and cozy. Nobody wants to do hectic chores. People love a pleasant lifestyle at affordable rates. The world changes and people adjust. Nobody has seen the future, we can only look at what we’ve learnt from our past and reflect it on our present to get an idea of what our future will hold. One thing is for sure though- there always will be hi-tech gadgets equipped with advanced futuristic technologies.