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With us gradually walking towards a new era, changes that’d prove to be revolutionary are very much obvious. Modifications and improvisations happen all the time in healthcare industry. New discoveries and inventions take place almost every day. Like the other industries, healthcare industry must also entail and keep up to date in these dynamic times.

Take a deep dive into the convergence of Technology, Digitalization, 3D modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Data Handling, and Automation Software.

We here at Softa Technologies, are a team of tech experts who provide you with the best and most cost-effective services, guide and navigate you in the best way, and take your present services to the next level of perfection!


With the complete automation of healthcare processes, hospitals can enhance clinical precision, reduce human error, improve patient satisfaction, and increase practice productivity. You can call the automation of healthcare process, the new normal, and if you're not already, it's time you get on board. We analyse and provide the service technologies that would suit best for your service model.


Data Handling in health and social care strikes the balance right off between confidentiality, security and information sharing. Currently and in the coming future, the biggest question to be asked will be- “How to access and process thousands of already existing and newly enrolled personnel and patient informational data safely and smoothly at the same time?”

It’s simple- with technology! Technology holds both the power and answer to this huge dilemma. Big data and other revolutionized technological solutions provide the perfect way to handle the data safely and smoothly. Artificial Intelligence can also lend a hand to make it even smoother and safer. We, here at Softa, are the perfect and complete solution to your every problem. We carry the answer to your every question. We are your best choice of technical partner who will always keep you one step ahead of others.


Virtual healthcare technology also known as telehealth or telemedicine which allows patients and doctors to touch base remotely with the virtue of video conferencing or mobile applications, without requiring a physical place such as a doctor's clinic or a hospital. This new patient experience and personalization will enable devices to be modular and more adaptable. Softa can help your healthcare business get easier and better with making you equipped with the latest of technologies and advancements.


We integrate patient records across departments and maintain a single pane of consistent information to efficiently provide patients personalized care and support. We help you streamline patient engagement by orchestrating your organization’s data flow to enable efficient coordination across departments and reduce patients' wait time by instant data processing. We can also help you enable care workers to collaborate with their peers in real time and provide healthcare from anywhere on the globe with a comprehensive document management system. Digital patient care mainly focuses on:

1. creating an archive folder for all patient records to make crucial details accessible to the right people at the right time in order to make data sharing secure and easier for all stakeholders.

2. collecting and blending data from multiple sources hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and gather insights through AI-powered automated reports and dashboards.


Our team of professional perfectionists can help you create a hassle-free experience for the patients by accelerating administrative and clerical tasks. And also improve the employee experience by ensuring consistent service delivery and operations management across all departments. Enabling collaboration among employees, centralizing knowledge and services, and creating workflows for seamless day-to-day operations can also help you achieve a smooth run user experience. Our team can help in various other ways in order to always you keep up to the minute:

1. Handle the multitude of service requests and other tickets from patients and care workers systematically. Automate the ticket workflow end to end, and keep users notified until the ticket is resolved.

2. Create custom self-service portals for all stakeholders based on their roles, and provide them with quick access to your service catalog. Keep them updated on the progress of their requests and tickets, and allow them to interact with technicians directly through the portal.

3. Ensure timely resolutions by defining appropriate service-level agreements with set escalation paths to guarantee end-user satisfaction. Collect periodic feedback from end users to measure their satisfaction levels.

4. Mitigate walk-ins, calls, continuous emails, and duplicate tickets by implementing knowledge bases and self-service portals. Reduce the burden on service desk technicians and improve their productivity.

5. Set up a comprehensive knowledge base for end users to receive quicker solutions and work-arounds for all problems, and increase the productivity of IT technicians.


Managing your network can be a tricky job. It includes handling the entire life cycle of IT assets, right from procurement to disposal, maintaining an inventory to manage purchase orders to eliminate redundancies and reduce extra expenses, auto-deploying security patches for operating systems and third-party applications in bulk across all endpoints connected to your network to defend against external breach and vulnerabilities. Our team can help you be equipped with the installation or uninstallation of remote applications, and maximize device security by blocking or allowing apps. We can also help you carry out the more complex things like- monitoring network devices ex- routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers and managing IP addresses, switch ports, network configurations, and firewalls, tracking bandwidth consumption, and optimizing network traffic to defend against downtime. Tracking and monitoring the performance of physical and virtual servers, storage, and on-premises and cloud applications to keep them up and running could also help you manage your network in an easy manner.


With the patient’s health data being highly sensitive, we here at Softa can provide a secure and role-based access to fragile information in order to protect patient privacy. With the help of our smart tech software, we can help spot instances of anomalous user behavior to safeguard against data exfiltration and also, keep track of the access, usage, and transfer of patient records to prevent data loss, and have data backup and recovery plans in place. Management of your remote workforce also becomes necessary as they tap into your organization’s network to access sensitive data.

Softa can help you maintain a secure network with the features like:

1. Collecting logs from devices across the network, hybrid or otherwise, and using machine learning to detect user behavior anomalies to safeguard against data breaches.

2. Finding and tracking sensitive ePHI, monitoring file accesses and modifications, and filing a report on overexposed sensitive files.

3. Detecting and monitoring the usage of removable devices like USBs or printers and blocking unauthorized access in order to prevent data loss through peripheral devices.

4. Detecting and shutting down ransomware attacks at inception with an automated threat response system.

5. Responding to critical incidents instantly by blocking file transfers and deleting or quarantining files.

6. Monitor Active Directory objects, auditing changes in real time, and supervising Exchange servers to strengthen your defenses against insider attacks.

7. Generating alerts and blocking unauthorized ePHI transfers through email.