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Although online shopping has been threatening the brick-and-mortar businesses and local shop owners of every other sector since a very long time, it has had less impact on Food retailers. But times are changing– Online Grocery business is escalating very quickly. Now everybody wants to enjoy hand-delivered goods in their own home. People want to avoid hectic market rush and unnecessary crowds, especially when social distancing is the new normal.

Online grocers have already captured 6% of the food market in the UK, largely driven by online offerings from all major bricks-and-mortar players as well as a maturing offering from online-only player Ocado. Although online grocers currently have a relatively smaller share of markets in US and Germany, they are growing steadily, and there are credible signs that major players such as Amazon Fresh and Walmart are ready to invest rapidly to accelerate this growth.

You may be sitting there on your couch thinking that online doesn’t really work in grocery, the economics don’t add up, so why take the risk? Or you may think that the existing market has already reacted to the online threat, and the major disruption has already happened. Let us tell you that it’s not the case. As a Tech-based company we here at Softa, believe that grocery eCommerce has gigantic potentials in the foreseeable future. With the help of acute technology and great advancements, we can help the online grocery market reach to its absolute potential. We can serve you the best with the virtues of:

1. Software Automation

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Inventory and other Software applications

4. Well-designed and responsive websites

5. Smooth and user friendly App

6. Smooth-run experience

The list could go on. At Softa, we help you reach the next levels and possibilities of technology. We can boost up your business- old or new, right away! We are a team of dedicated professionals who will be together with you and guiding you, every step of the way to keep you ahead of all times.