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We can all agree to the fact that technology always kinetic, in fact it is thriving as we speak. The technology that we are using right now might just need an update right away. It is always moving forward and never sees the light of past. Our resilient team here at Softa hits the right spot and instantly puts arms around your needs. We bring to you the most cost effective, hassle free, user friendly and mobile friendly products. We understand and exact your needs.

We try to put together the most complex technological advancements in the most condensed form to ensure a satisfying and smooth-run operation. We believe that mobile phones are going to take over the current gadget craze completely. Nobody wants to stick their eyes at a large screen whole day wrong. Everyone loves a device small enough to fit inside their pockets and big enough to hold the power to bring a revolutionizing change. Our team works on the ideas focusing on mobile technology taking into account the image of the foreseeable future.

Technology is a crucial part of the tourism and travel industry, helping businesses with day-to-day operations, while also improving the customer experience. For this reason, it is important that hotels, airlines, restaurants and other companies keep up with the latest technology trends within the travel industry.


In modern tourism management, big data is a fact of life, and almost all companies that are successful employ their own data collection techniques. One of the biggest uses for this data is to improve personalization, with the travel companies using information that they gather to make specific adjustments to their offerings.

Another valuable use of data is to analyse current business performance. In particular, hotel owners can use big data for revenue management purposes, using historic occupancy rates and other past trends to better anticipate levels of demand. When demand is predictable, pricing and promotional strategies can also be optimized.